Saturday, March 14, 2009


Stopping to reflect is not one of my strong points. In fact, number one on my list of strengths according to "Strengths Finder 2.0" is Achiever. I wouldn't disagree with that assessment, and this played out very clearly yesterday afternoon.

I got distracted from reading on my day off and picked up a little thing called 'Tangoes' (a tangram game). Important to also note my third Strength Finder strength: Competition. I couldn't put the thing down! For hours I sat at the table doing puzzle after puzzle, and by the end of the day I had completed the whole deck, save for a handful of really difficult ones that were giving me a fit. After taking a break, I came back to tackle these remaining few. Within a minute or two, I finally figured out the last one! Triumph! Not exactly... My first thought was a negative one. "Now why was that so hard?" I said outloud.

Instead of celebrating the completion of a very challenging task, and one that I had enjoyed all afternoon, I criticized my own efforts. Let this be a lesson to me, and to all you task-oriented folk, to stop and celebrate the win. At the conclusion of things both big and small, it's healthy to pause and note a job well done.

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