Monday, March 23, 2009

leaving on a jetplane

I'm heading to Bogotá tomorrow for five days to visit my in-laws, play a little golf, and re-celebrate my sister's wedding. (That first sentence took me a while to write. I first had to make sure "brother-in-law's" was the correct possessive form of a compound word. Then, after deciding not to use that word, I goggled "in-laws" to discover Wow.)

Anyway, I've always enjoyed flying and traveling and I'm really excited for this trip. In addition to doing fun stuff once I'm there, I'm genuinely looking forward to the traveling part(s). I've got a bunch of magazines and a few books that I'm hoping to knock off on the way. This is exciting to me because recently I've got a sort of renewed vigor for reading. Well, to be perfectly honest, I've got a brand new vigor for reading. Ever since summer reading back in sixth grade, I've abhorred to read.

Now that I've discovered I can choose the books I want to read and conveniently not choose the ones that look like a bore, my whole perspective on the exercise has changed. This reminds me of a question Rick Warren asked the presidential candidates back in the fall regarding positions on which they had reversed their opinion after a time. I've reversed my opinion on reading. It is a good way for me to learn new things, and it's also a fair reminder that I don't always see things clearly at first.

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