Wednesday, March 11, 2009

story time

I started a book today about how to become familiar with your "story." That is knowing your past and it's characters, scenes, settings, events, and so on that make up precisely who you are. Your life is your story.

It's kinda hard to think of our experiences as something that could be read like a novel, but I buy into it because I think there's value in knowing where you come from. Hear me out for a second:

When you read a book, you're able to learn more about the characters than the characters themselves. An onlooker can see when exactly the protagonist went wrong, where the crisis could have been avoided, and how the plot is likely to unfold. Consider that we are the protagonists of our own lives. How difficult it is to observe our own story while we are in the midst of living it.

This is some pretty heavy stuff... that is if you have the desire to look at your life as a type of living story. My one point for now is this--isn't it worthwhile to explore the details of my past so that I can have a better understanding of where exactly God is steering my life... my story? After all, he is the author.

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  1. I agree. I mean, it's not fun to rehash old details of your life, because we like to think we have moved on from them, but it can honestly be the best way to confidently move ahead. Because then you'll have more understanding and appreciateion for where your life has led you, and what God has brought you through. Some may say it makes you aware. :)