Saturday, March 21, 2009

what do i want?

As children we're taught the difference between "wants" and "needs." As we grow up, I think the line gets blurry as more things come within reach. The devil uses temptation to use the whole category of "things we don't have" against us.

First, it substitutes natural things we want with pleasurable things we can get. We all are designed to seek love and relationships, but temptation tells me I can have lust and fantasy, and I can have it now.

Second, it increases the amount of things we want. It says, "What you have is not enough. Look at everything else available! You want love? You can also have pleasure, and success, and money, and fun, and excitement..."

Third, it decreases the size of the world (and God) which confuses what it is we wanted in the first place. When I succumb to temptation, my world revolves around me and I am so focused on me that I forget that my original need was to love and be loved.

To these three things, I imagine God would say: I know all that you want and all that you need. What you have is enough, so trust me. I love you and I will provide for you. What you really desire is me, so you can have me. In fact, I've sent my only Son for you and I will never leave you.

Let me see life through your eyes.
Help my neediness and discontent,
Reveal your truth and your way of life.

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