Wednesday, April 15, 2009

welcome back

[It's been a little while, but I'm back. Holy Week and Easter were somewhat stressful, but everything went extremely well, and I saw God provide for me and for Nativity in many, many ways.]

One of the cooler events since my last post occurred yesterday morning when the staff got together for our weekly prayer "meeting." We focused our prayers on how we saw God work through the planning and execution of Easter Sunday. As I mentioned in an earlier post ("first john" 3/9/09), when I hear the same message in different contexts it gets my attention. As we started reflecting and thanking God for his goodness, it reminded me of a section from The Shack I just read and a concept that I've been trying to incorporate more into my life: devotion.

In The Shack, one evening before dinner, God asks to have "a time of devotion" (p 107). Jesus goes on to hold hands with the Father and tell him, "Papa, I loved watching you today, as you made yourself fully available to take Mack's pain into yourself... You honored him, and you honored me. To listen to you ... whisper calm into his heart was truly incredible. What a joy to watch! I love being your son."

Reading this brought a different level of intimacy to my concept of devotion. And as we prayed as a staff, thanking God for his faithfulness, it became very real to me what that prayer is supposed to look like, and sound like, and feel like. I don't think this is an effective blog post because it's hard to explain, but what a wonderful way to act and to live as a child of God.

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