Wednesday, May 20, 2009

bad to great, part ii

Okay. So believing or realizing that we don't know it all is fundamental to our ability to stay open to God and to this idea. Just like, "How can I have s'more if I haven't had any already?" Anyone? Sandlot?

allow God to redefine 'good' in your life

Let's make this a story. Right now we have a person, Peter, who experiences a loss, perhaps relational, and Peter does not know what to do. He may question God, become angry with God, cry out for help, or just grieve his loss. What does it mean for Peter that God knows the ultimate outcome of this loss and he does not?

Consider a promise from Scripture in his situation.

"And we know that God causes all things to work together for good for those who love him"
Romans 8:28

The amazing part of that verse is the word 'all.' All things means all things. Things past, things to come, good things, painful things, uncomfortable things, scary things... everything. So the death of his friend is not an exception to this promise. God makes all things work together for good...

That is exactly what is so hard for us to comprehend. How can any loss be good or even become good? You’re saying death can have a positive outcome? Job loss means good is to come, or a disease brings peace? Yes, I am. God makes all things work together for good.

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