Wednesday, July 15, 2009

moving day

On Monday I moved across the office to make room for our new Director of Children's Ministry, Lisa Scata. She just started full-time on staff and has moved into my former spot in the office... We're super excited to have her (1) as an awesome presence on the team and (2) charging up Children's Ministry, which is such a big part of Nativity's experience.

So today I'm getting a new desk. I'll plug Mark Downs here, who have been very easy to work with and will be providing me with a nice new setup. I have a lovely view of Vista Lane, a [shared] corner office, a brand new desk lamp from IKEA, and a sweet 6-foot whiteboard to lay out all my plans for 'weekend direction.'

(New idea: each week, devoting a post on my blog to whatever is currently up on my whiteboard...)


- The 5 steps to becoming an 'Emotionally Healthy Church'
- Advent series 4-week breakdown (worship fully, spend less, give more, love all)
- Thank you note from Lucas, addressed to 'Brain'
- New design for weekend minister namebadges

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