Wednesday, June 23, 2010

copa mundal

Last week I read "Serving with Eyes Wide Open" (one of the books rotating under 'what i'm reading'). In it, David Livermore emphasizes the importance learning cultural intelligence in order for missionaries to serve effectively.  In order to make a lasting impact in a community, we have to open our eyes to the cultural (as well as economic, political, social...) differences that are present.  He compares cultural intelligence (CQ) to concepts like like emotional intelligence (EQ) or intelligence quotient (IQ) which measure how in tune we are to our emotions and how intelligent we are... CQ measures how well we interact cross-culturally.

As I've been watching the 2010 World Cup over the last few weeks, I've wondered if the referees for all the matches are fluent in the languages of both countries, are they in any way trained or educated about how to interact with people from different cultures, since the rules of soccer are pretty much universal, do they need to have cultural intelligence?  Unfortunately I don't know the answer to any of those questions (if you do, feel free to comment).

One take away, though, is that we can improve our cultural intelligence in simple ways without traveling half way across the world.  We can begin to open our eyes to the diverse world that God has created from our own homes.  For starters, we can watch foreign films, read books set in different cultures, eat authentic foods, and check up on international news.  Even more basically, we can switch up our daily routines.  Very easily we become so ingrained in our day-to-day lives that our worldview shrinks to wake up, work, watch TV, sleep, do it again...  Try to change things up in the next week, open your eyes to how different things could be for you and how different things are for billions of other people in the world!

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