Sunday, September 5, 2010

win, win, win

Two signed letters were sitting in my mailbox when I came into work today.  Here are the first paragraphs of each...

I am writing to acknowledge the generous donation of $... to the Hope for West Africa Foundation, Inc. in support of the Faith Alive Water Projects.  The donation will be used to drill two boreholes, one at Faith Alive Hospital and the other at the Bakin Kogi Clinic.  Currently, this clinic has been closed due to lack of water.  The borehole will benefit a large number of patients ending long hours traveling to Faith Alive Hospital for care.

I would like to extend my personal thanks to the Church of the Nativity for donating $... to International Relief and Development (IRD) to help in our Pakistan flooding response and relief efforts.  Our Board Chairman said we could count on his church to help.  It is nice to know that there are so many caring neighbors such as yourselves to give help where it is most needed.

I was thrilled to read these letters! Two new boreholes for our partners at Faith Alive (WIN! WIN!), a Nativity member showing great confidence in his church, and immediate relief for Pakistanis affected by the floods (WIN!).

Even when you don't realize it, Nativity's international partners are hard at work, effectively using our resources to relieve suffering around the globe. Our partners are fighting for justice and caring for those in need. When you invest in Nativity's Missions, your contribution will go towards the pursuit of righteousness and the alleviation of suffering. When you get involved in Nativity's Missions, your eyes will be opened to the injustices of the world and the battle that is taking place.

I'm happy to share these wins with you -- I hope there are many, many more to come. And I encourage you to pray, or keep praying, for all those needing medical attention in Jos, that the Bakin Kogi Clinic could help them, and those hungry and displaced in Pakistan, that IRD's supplies reach those most in need.

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