Monday, October 25, 2010

missional values

As I keep digging through some of the lessons learned from our relationships in Nigeria, our past work in Mississippi, and our most recent findings in Haiti, some key values are emerging for Nativity's Missions partnerships.

Jesus sent his disciples out on mission before he ascended into heaven, telling them to be his witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.  At Nativity, we want to develop strategic partnerships with local, national and international organizations, and these four values have come forward as integral to these partnerships.


  • Our missions will be carried out in the name of Jesus Christ.  We are a community sent to witness to Jesus' saving grace.  We will not let "good works" get in the way of the real purpose for our work.
  • Our missions will be done in the context of relationship.  We will have mutual dialogue with our partners. We will not let things get in the way of sharing ourselves.
  • Our missions will be focused on the future.  We will address immediate needs as well as systemic problems. We will not let a short-term challenge get in the way of a long-term vision.
  • Our missions will be completed with a goal in mind.  We will show how God is working through us. We will not let our missionaries get burned out by not seeing and experiencing life change.

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  1. This is awesome Brian. I am so happy to see our missions program have these values-the first one about good works is especially good.