Saturday, November 27, 2010


We're kicking off our Advent series "Advent Conspiracy 2" this weekend. It's going to be an awesome four weeks, and I'm especially excited for the first Sunday.

I wrestled with this series last year (as I imagine some others did as well) but started to catch on towards the end of Advent. I understood and liked all the concepts, but had some difficulty applying them. I struggled most with accepting that I have such a consumer mindset and that I have bought into the materialism of the season.

Well anyway, here are some of my thoughts about my Advent preparation this go-round...

Worship Fully --
       Hard one for me. Especially as we gear up for another Christmas Eve at the Fairgrounds, carving out quiet time is difficult, and I'm already not great at it. I think the Twitter updates and daily devotional e-mails will be a great way to center myself in the mornings.

Spend Less --
       I can do this. Budgeting and planning are essential though. Last year I chose family members, think I'll be reaching outside that circle this year. My extended family does an auction thingy -- that might be a good opportunity. I hope people take advantage of the SPEND LESS cards this year's kit!

Give More --
       This is the hard part. I had the ideas last year, good ones, but lacked in the followthrough category. I think the simpler the better. Simple enough that I'll be able to make good on my gifts at least. (Also, I've interpreted this as potentially costing something, just not as much as an ordinary gift.)

Love All --
       A no brainer. Having been to Haiti twice this year, having met some of the children at St. Anne's and seen the situation they are in, I can't wait to see how our conspiracy in Timonium has an effect in Haiti.

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