Sunday, December 19, 2010

local outreach

'Tis the season for giving back to our friends and family, and also to those in need, the poor, hurting and lonely. As we continue to try to LOVE ALL this Advent, I'd like to ask you a question, Have you supported or volunteered at any local charities in the Baltimore City and Baltimore County area that you'd like Nativity to be aware of?

We are looking to partner with organizations locally, nationally and internationally (see 're-branding'), and are trying to focus our local efforts on a few strategic partners. This is just a casual question to widen our scope -- so if something comes to mind, leave a comment or e-mail

And by the way... thanks for all you do with your friends and family, on your own and with your small group to serve these great organizations. I hope in the coming year we can work together to accomplish more, grow in our faith, and learn to be in closer relationship with those in need around us.

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  1. The small group led by Jack Bovaird and Greg Garvin have been volunteering at The Baltimore Station for some time. The Baltimore Station is a residential recovery program for homeless men with addictions, primarily Veterans of the Armed Services. Volunteers are an important part of the therapeutic recovery process. Volunteers sit down on a regular basis and break bread with the men. This act confirms their dignity as a human being, raises their self esteem and assists them on the road to recovery and self sufficiency. In addition many young people come to the Station and interact with the men. It is a great learning experience for young people to hear first hand the men's stories. They quickly find out that the men have families, were once successful but made bad decisions that derailed their lives. We welcome partnerships that foster the growth of community. Michael Seipp