Wednesday, July 27, 2011

another excerpt

Here's another excerpt from When Helping Hurts (p 81):
The goal is to see people restored to being what God created them to be: people who understand that they are created in the image of God with the gifts, abilities, and capacity to make decisions and to effect change in the world around them; and people who steward their lives, communities, resources and relationships in order to bring glory to God. These things tend to happen in highly relational, process-focused ministries more than in impersonal, product-focused ministries.
Nativity Missions is trying to create "highly relational" environments where the members of our community can enter into the lives of the members of our partner communities, locally, nationally and internationally. The Nativity:Nigeria Mission teams are leaving on Saturday for a seventeen day short-term mission trip. The missionaries have been preparing for months and are ready to experience what life is like living with AIDS without proper medical care or living as an abandoned child in an orphanage. I will be among the team going to the Faith Alive Hospital in Jos -- I encourage you to follow our trip on the Nativity:Nigeria blog.

Please pray for our partners Dr. Chris Isichei and Sr. Oresoa Selo-Ojeme, for the communities they serve at Faith Alive and Anawim, for our missionaries and their families!

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