Monday, January 23, 2012


Thanks for tuning into this series on values. Nativity Missions is all about making our Church matter by influencing the world for Christ. In order to be used by God to carry out such an amazing task, we have a few values that we think are very important to our culture and the way we engage in our communities locally, nationally, and internationally. Today's value is
No fruit can be borne apart from the vine. God wants us to rely on him, depend on him, lean on him. Our Mission work, if it can be accomplished by our own power, would be worth nothing. We set our goals high so that when they're accomplished, God can take all the credit. When we depend on God, he gives us the grace to bear fruit, and by that our Father is glorified. Check out John 15 for a picture of what it's like to abide in God in your life.

Nativity Missions has been a part of accomplishing some pretty awesome things, we're involved in some fairly risky things, and we'll continue to set our sights on even more amazing things in the future. God is a god who loves to provide for us, he loves to show up for us when we put our faith in him. One of the ways we remain mindful of our dependence on God is through prayer, accepting that he can do immeasurably more than all we ask of imagine. We believe wholeheartedly that God is good and that he is great -- that God's promises are true and that he has the power to carry them out in our lives. Nativity Missions values dependence on God; when we depend on his provision he honors our faith and blesses us with what we need.

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