Thursday, January 26, 2012


Thanks for checking out the Nativity Missions blog -- we're having a little discussion about our values, those things that set the tone and trajectory for how we get things done. There are quite a few, so look back to the past couple days to catch up. Today's value is
Giving sacrificially, being good stewards, bringing the whole tithe to the storehouse is a huge part of being a disciple of Christ. Jesus talked a lot about money because he thought it was important, so we take him at his word and believe that our obedience in this area of our lives, our finances, is key -- after all, where our heart is, there will our treasure be. Generosity is not just a value for our missionaries and our leaders but also for our church.

As a priority, Nativity is committed to giving away a percentage of our income to support the work of our strategic partners, and we're committed to growing that percentage over time. (Over the past few years we've raised money through direct gifts and our Advent Conspiracy campaigns. Moving forward, tithing our income to Missions creates a sustainable system for funding projects, it models stewardship for our congregation, and allows us to commit ourselves to long-term projects.) We also believe that it's of great value for our team members and missionaries to be giving sacrificially to support the work of the local church. Generosity sets the tone for our Missions efforts. We're able to love because Christ first loved us. We joyfully and generously give to God what is rightly his, knowing that he's doing a great work in our hearts while using our resources to do a great work in the world.

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