Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We're about to wrap up this short series of posts about Nativity Missions values. I hope that it's been helpful for you -- and if you're just tuning in, I encourage you to check out the last ten or so posts to catch up. Our vision is making Church matter by influencing the world for Christ, and our values set the tone and trajectory for how we pursue that vision. Today's value is
When we say growth, we mean spiritual growth or discipleship, growing specifically in the area of our relationships with Jesus, our individual walks of faith with Christ. When asked what it is to do the work of God, Jesus responded "This is the work of God: to believe in the son whom he sent" (John 6:29). Our movement begins with our own discipleship. And our influence is limited by the extent to which we're willing to surrender. As Christians, seeking God's face and his will for our lives is first and foremost. If we gain the world by lose Christ, all is lost.

Growth happens in different ways in all sorts of different areas of our lives. The environments that Nativity promotes for growth are Ministry and Small Groups, and as missionaries we believe that these environments are essential to a growing relationship with Jesus. Ministry at the local church that reaches out to those seeking God, and fellowship with other believers in a safe, challenging, Christ-centered group give us tools for growth that we cannot find elsewhere. NativityMissions values growth, and these environments promote, encourage, and facilitate growth. Discipleship is fundamentally about surrender, giving up more and more of ourselves to God to be used by him. We cannot be used by God to influence the world unless we're seeking him and growing in relationship with him.

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