Sunday, January 22, 2012


Over the next few days I'll be blogging about the values that Nativity Missions holds. They're not in any order, and they're all important. Values are principles that we believe are essential to the way we carry out or work. They are words to live by, things to be mindful of, attitudes to adopt as we carry out mission work at Nativity. Today's value is
Nativity Missions carries out all our Mission outreach and service through strategic partnerships locally, nationally and internationally. Partnership is a core value for missions because it allows for us to make a maximum and measurable impact. Church of the Nativity is a church; we're not a soup kitchen, a school, a homeless shelter, we're not experts at providing treatment for AIDS patients in Africa or equipping men and women to enter the workforce in Baltimore City. Our focus is to reach disconnected Catholics in Timonium by creating irresistible weekend environments. But, as a church, we are called to be relevant in our community, we're called to serve others, and we're called to spread the Gospel outside of our community. Partnership makes that possible.

By partnering with other organizations and churches that do understand the assets and needs in their own local communities, we can build relationships with partners that bring about lasting change. We can be a blessing to other organizations, offering resources to further the already amazing work they are doing, while still remaining focused on our vision and mission. Partnerships also give us the ability to measure our impact. By sustaining long term partnerships, we can see how God is using our relationships to bring about change in those partner communities, rather than spreading our efforts across a variety of initiatives and not making a significant impact.

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