Thursday, January 19, 2012


You're tuning in to a series of posts about Nativity Missions values. Check out the past few day's entries to read more. Our values are principles that we believe are essential to the way we carry out or work. They are words to live by, things to be mindful of, attitudes to adopt as you carry out mission work at Nativity. Today we're talking about
Story is a big part of what we do at Nativity; stories of life-change are what we're after. Our organization is winning and God is winning when we witness people's lives change. Whether it's here in Timonium, in front of a computer watching LIVE, or on a mission trip in Africa, it's our job to create environments where God can change lives.

Stories fit in at a few different points. When we tell stories of life-change that we've experienced by God's power, it gives glory to God. That's what we're created to do, it's why we exist, to bring glory to God. Telling a story allows us to give testimony to God at work in our lives. Stories also help our church determine whether or not we're winning. Our balance sheet, attendance numbers, or program sign-ups don't tell the full story of our ministry, so by hearing stories of life-change we're able to know if our efforts are successful. And lastly, stories are hugely important at Nativity because stories have a unique way of communicating a message. People identify with and can relate to stories unlike statistics or facts. When we hear about someone's experience overcoming an obstacle or taking a step in faith it has the opportunity to encourage us, motivate us, and inspire us to take action as well. Paul tells us always be prepared to give our testimony -- if you hear stories of life-change or you experience God's power in your life, tell your story!

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