Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Here's one of the last posts on the values of Nativity Missions. Have you been following this series? Have you found them to be helpful and informative? Do you agree or disagree with any of the values? You're always invited to leave a comment with your thoughts; we're dedicated to being life-long learners and the best ideas come from conversation -- chime in! Today's value is
We've been commissioned to go, literally, to the ends of the earth with the Gospel message. That gives us a world of possibilities for our work (pun intended). Nativity's strategy of partnership means that we're embracing our limitations, it gives us a system to practice the value of focus. We could do a hundred things, maybe even a thousand things in an effort to serve others locally, nationally, and internationally. We could spread out our resources across initiatives like food drives, clothing drives, and diaper drives, dresses for Haiti and pennies for the poor, serving homeless men and single moms and children and the elderly, and on and on. These things are great, but it's not the best way for our community to engage. Nativity chooses to focus our efforts, to do a few things and to do them really, really well.

Valuing focus gives us direction for our partnerships and it informs the way we operate internally as well. Missions is one of many great environments for growth at Nativity, so we have a focused approach to promotion giving equal footing to each opportunity. Focus also gives us the ability to measure our results. Perhaps you've had experiences like me where you have volunteered to serve a meal at a local soup kitchen, an experience that is almost exactly the same each time you serve, week after week, maybe year after year. We want our partner communities to change as a result of our involvement. Focusing our efforts helps us make the maximum impact, measuring our efforts, being wise stewards of our resources.

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