Monday, February 27, 2012

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Over the next few weeks, we'll be hearing from different leaders and missionaries who are a part of making NativityMissions all that it is. It's my hope that this blog can become more of a forum for discussion rather than a one-way information download. I encourage you to chime into the conversation by clicking on 'comments' at the bottom of each post.

Today's entry is from Bob Barczak. Bob is the Nativity:Nigeria mission leader and serves on the Missions Leadership Team. He has been a part of many, many "firsts" at Nativity. Bob was a member of both of the first mission teams to Nigeria and Mississippi and has helped take our worship to the Fairgrounds each Christmas. Here are a few words from Bob about staying focused on the vision...


Described as the “core,” the “goal,” the “mission,” the “focus,” or countless other self-help terms, the vision of NativityMissions remains the same: NativityMissions is making church matter by influencing the world for Christ. All actions within Missions at Nativity must move the church closer to that vision.

In a church as active and passionate as Nativity, it becomes easy to consider various service activities that may be fruitful because people are excited about them and they are doing positive things in the community. Nativity is blessed with energetic ministers and Missions is a moving, emotional, appealing way to get involved. Because of this, we are presented with an ongoing struggle to create more partnerships as well as more opportunities within our existing partnerships in order to quench this thirst. However, more important than capacity or scope is that all our efforts strive towards the vision. It is very challenging yet extremely critical to ensure that the all of the components within a particular Mission lead towards the vision.

As a Missions leader, I must look through this lens as I interact with both our ministers and our strategic partners. If a part of Nativity:Nigeria is not in line with the vision it is actually having a negative effect on Missions as a whole, taking energy and resources away from others. Two things I have learned are that when ministers are aligned with the vision, ministers serving in different roles can be repositioned successfully within a ministry. Also, it may be necessary to disband an element that, although well intentioned and successful, does not share the vision of NativityMissions. As a leader, I must be willing to pass up the merely good in order to reach the absolutely great.

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