Tuesday, February 21, 2012

quick exit

Yesterday I was sent an invitation to check out the website of an organization that is fighting against human trafficking... in Baltimore. I was clicking around learning about their mission and history. The website was put together well so I was admiring the layout as well as looking at the different design aspects. Then I noticed a button on the side of the screen; it said 'quick exit.' It caught my attention and so I clicked on it -- my browser immediately took me to the Google homepage.

Then it dawned on me what the link was for... That link was there for people who might have found this website seeking to escape slavery, for victims of human trafficking here in our city who might be stealing a few minutes on a computer to find rescue from their situation. Perhaps people have clicked that link fearing that they might be caught, or worse, been too late to 'quick exit' and...

It caught me totally off guard. I was about to take our staff's Starbucks order. Instead, I broke down crying.


That moment yesterday was totally overwhelming for me. Realizing how fortunate I am not just to have a great job, a loving family, enough food to eat and a roof over my head, but that I am free -- that realization gave me a quick glimpse of how undeserving I am of these blessings in my life and how great God is to pour them out on me nevertheless.

I'm so excited for the upcoming series at Nativity, Highly Favored, which is all about God's grace. Grace is God's unmerited favor. Moments like yesterday are helping me to regularly acknowledge that I have done nothing to merit or earn God's favor yet I have been chosen as a recipient of grace as a gift of God. Learning that God is a God of grace has changed my life. And seeing evidence of God's grace in my life has led me to one conclusion, one that I wish I was better at staying mindful of...

Gratitude is the only reasonable response.

What are you grateful for today?
How have you seen God's grace at work in your life?

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