Thursday, February 16, 2012

unqualified? perfect!

As we've begun promoting our upcoming summer mission trip opportunities, I'd like to post two short lists: basically reasons why you should and should not apply to go on one of our short-term international mission trips. A mission trip is an incredible way to experience God's power and allow him to use you to serve others, but we're not always ready to be used by God in that way.

Don't apply for a mission trip if you...

5. Have always wanted to go to Africa/Haiti -- it's not about tourism
4. Want to make up for doing some lousy things in the past -- you can't earn God's favor
3. Feel that you have some great gifts and talents to offer -- it's not about you
2. Want to dig a well -- our mission trips are about building relationships not buildings
1. Can afford it and think it would be fun -- it's about loving God, others and making disciples

Please do apply for a mission trip if you...

5. Feel unqualified -- trust me, I do too
4. Want to connect with others at Nativity -- our teams grow very closely together
3. Have a heart for the people you'll be interacting with -- God designed you that way
2. Are in a Small Group and Ministry and are wondering what's next -- it's your next step
1. Went 5/5 on the "don't apply" list -- God might want to change your life!

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