Thursday, March 22, 2012

a story

I was doing some spring cleaning on Saturday and came across my journal from my 2010 Nativity:Nigeria trip. It's amazing how strong memories can be -- as I read my entries I could feel myself back in Africa in all the situations I was reading about. I'm so thankful for the other team members and the laughs, tears, conviction, and enthusiasm we all shared on that trip.

Here's a story that one of the boys at Anawim wrote one day in school in English class. I kept Peter's story because later that day I found out that this story was not entirely fiction.

the orphans
Once upon a time there was a village called Coro village. One day there was no food to eat, no clothes to wear. Everything was just going upside down. Children were dying, some old people were dying too while some children were orphans. Then one day there was food again. Everybody was happy but the children that have no parents suffered. They drove them away from the village. They picked food from the dust bin. Some of them died while some of them become mad and some of them became armed robbers. Then the remaining two said, "We shall go and work to earn a living." Later, one became a doctor and the other a lawyer and they went abroad. They got married and life continued. To God be the Glory. The end, thanks.

Peter's family had thrown him, his twin brother, and older sister out of the house one day. Peter, Paul and Deborah were made to find their own way. I think he was 7 years old at the time. Praise God that Sister Oresoa came to the rescue, she took them in, fed them, cared for them, and gave them hope for the future. This is just one of many amazing stories that have happened at the Anawim Home Orphanage. Reading this story reminds me of the incredible injustices that are being committed all around the word, and it also reminds me that God is a God of redemption, able to overcome any situation and turn it into good. God is love.

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