Monday, April 30, 2012


Here are some images from ServeFest... God moved in extraordinary ways through your service on Saturday -- thanks to those who worshiped and prayed with us at the rally and served throughout the day!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

where it begins

A few weeks back I attended Unleash 2012, a conference put on by NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC. They are a very creative and dynamic church. Their services are incredibly engaging and inspiring. Perry Noble, the senior pastor, made a comment during one of his messages that stood out to me; he remarked that their service programming meetings start with Scripture. A cool YouTube video, the latest graphic design technique, or the newest Hillsong album aren't ever the inspiration for the weekend message. They open up the Bible and read it together, then the ideas come from the text (rather than fitting Scripture into a neat illustration). I heard that message two more times in the next week, through a video I saw online, and then in this e-mail, which was just forwarded to me...

Start with the Scripture.

As a shepherd (one of the Biblical metaphors for a pastor), your job is to feed and protect the sheep. Teaching people the Bible is both feeding AND protecting. David Larsen says that the preacher is not a salesman or a showman, but a spokesman. When you stand to preach, you're not sharing opinions or statements, you're teaching the Gospel to people who desperately need to hear it.

So we don't build sermons off cool graphics - we build sermons based on the Bible. We don't search the Scripture for a verse to back up an opening song - we start with God's Word and let everything else support God's message.

I thought, as another 'series' for this blog, we could walk through a chunk of scripture together. I could share some of the things that stand out to me, and you could share your insights and comments as well. I'll post whatever speaks to me about the scripture and will do my best to relate it to Missions. Together, we can start with the Scripture and see where it leads us. So, to get going, I'd like to hear from you...

What Book of the Bible would you like to take a look at for this blog series?
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Nativity is gearing up for another awesome year of ServeFest! The movement, as I think it can be called now, started in 2004 with one church in Harford County rallying together to serve their community. Over the past few years, more churches have gotten involved in more counties having a greater and greater tremendous impact. In 2010, ServeFest truly became regional. Its influence extended throughout 4 counties and Baltimore City, bringing together over 80 churches.

I encourage you, your friends, your family, your small group, your co-workers, your neighbors (did I miss anyone) to sign-up to get involved this April. It's super easy since you can pick the project that is most exciting to you, and you can sign up all your friends too. Just go to!

The story of ServeFest begins with churches working together, however, it is the thousands of volunteers that give it a heartbeat of compassion demonstrating Living Proof Of A Loving God! See you on April 28...