Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Nativity is gearing up for another awesome year of ServeFest! The movement, as I think it can be called now, started in 2004 with one church in Harford County rallying together to serve their community. Over the past few years, more churches have gotten involved in more counties having a greater and greater tremendous impact. In 2010, ServeFest truly became regional. Its influence extended throughout 4 counties and Baltimore City, bringing together over 80 churches.

I encourage you, your friends, your family, your small group, your co-workers, your neighbors (did I miss anyone) to sign-up to get involved this April. It's super easy since you can pick the project that is most exciting to you, and you can sign up all your friends too. Just go to www.servefestmd.org!

The story of ServeFest begins with churches working together, however, it is the thousands of volunteers that give it a heartbeat of compassion demonstrating Living Proof Of A Loving God! See you on April 28...


  1. I read this recently, and thought it made sense: "churches grow when they gain proximity to people. Any venture that gets church people to interact with the public increases our chances of developing a friendship with them, and friendship with Christ-followers can lead to friendship with Christ himself."

    This is a great chance to visibly serve and, in a conctrete way, break down walls between churches.

  2. That's awesome, Tim. It's so true -- churches are not meant to be clubs but movements. Our lives are spent seeking out connections with others, and so the life of our church should be spent connecting with those outside of our community, praying that God will use our interaction to influence the world for Christ. A movement has to move -- ServeFest is a great day to MOVE.