Monday, June 25, 2012

haiti mission team

This Saturday our first C2 - Haiti Missions team will be leaving to spend a week with our partners at St. Anne's Church in Labrande, Haiti. (C2 = C squared, the name of our partnership, representing the church-to-church partnership.) The team has been preparing for over three months for this trip thanks to the support of the leadership and the Haiti Home Team!

Traveling internationally is full of logistical challenges like packing, traveling, eating, and sleeping... especially when you're traveling to a developing country. But logistics only make up a small portion of the preparation process to go on a NativityMissions trip. Because we believe that these trips are all about relationships, a huge part of the prep work is around team-building with the traveling team and the home team, both together and separately. In addition to team building, there are a lot of things to learn about the specific country and region you're traveling to and the people you're staying with. But it doesn't stop there, beneath all that information is the cultural context and learning how to engage properly in a short-term cross-cultural experience. Not to mention all the spiritual preparation and prayer... I've heard many people say at the beginning of the process, "We're going to meet for sixteen weeks?! What could we possibly talk about all that time?" Then sure enough, it's those same folks that are expressing their gratitude at the end realizing how much there was to learn and discuss.

I'm so excited for this team to travel to Haiti, and in advance, I want to give all the credit to Ellen Franklin (who is leading the travel team) and Bruce McEntee (who leads the home team). Their leadership, dedication, and passion for NativityMissions and our partner in Haiti has allowed our team to go farther faster and exceed all expectations I had for this year. And by the way, Ellen is a full-time mother of four who has recently gone back to working a full-time job... while serving in a Ministry and attending her Small Group. If you're waiting for your schedule to free up before getting involved, well, I'll let you finish this sentence...

Check back here starting on June 30 to hear daily updates from their trip and some reflections from our Home Team members as well. Thanks for all your prayers and support of our international strategic partnerships.

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