Saturday, June 30, 2012

trip update - safe arrival

The C2 - Haiti Mission team gathered at Nativity's parking lot at 4am this morning, packed and ready to go. The flights to Miami and then on to Port-au-Prince went smoothly and Fr. Wilner was at the airport the greet them. The four are now squeezed in a pickup truck, luggage bouncing around in the bed, driving on the road to St. Anne's Church. The team will drive up the coast from Port-au-Prince through Saint Marc all the way to Gonaives and from there will start heading northeast to Labrande. They will arrive this evening for dinner and hit the sack after a long day of travel ready for Mass tomorrow with the community and an exciting week ahead.


  1. We are praying for our Mission Team at all weekend Masses
    -Michael White

  2. Thanks for the wonderful blog detailing this wonderful mission. Will be so interesting to follow you all through this experience.