Saturday, July 7, 2012

reflection - sharon

Today's Home Team reflection is from Sharon Crook:
I have been reading all of the messages and reflections with great care this week. The travel team certainly has been very busy. I have especially enjoyed the pictures showing Mitch, Ellen, Jeannette and JJ interacting with the members of St. Anne’s Church. It is amazing seeing all the similarities and differences in our lives. Last week Church of Nativity hosted Vacation Bible School, singing and dancing to music, just like the children of Labrande. At Nativity's VBS, the crews talked each day about the children in our partner community in Haiti and how far they had to walk to school. Unlike the students in Haiti, most Nativity campers admitted that they crossed only one or two streets to go to school. Despite their hardships, the children of Labrande seem to be filled with the joy of the Lord!
The Church of the Nativity is a movement of growing disciples of Jesus Christ committed to loving God, loving others, and making disciples. This team, by their actions, are spreading this message. By flying to St. Anne’s Church and spending a week in Haiti, they are loving God. By singing songs with the children and hanging out with the older boys, they are loving others. And in all of this, they are truly being disciples of the Lord.

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