Monday, July 2, 2012

trip update - monday

After Mass yesterday afternoon, the team walked through Labrande (pictured) with Donal and Jean Marx. The townspeople were very friendly and on their way back, the team stopped to chat with the teachers preparing for the camp to begin the next day. Walking through the town was challenging for the team as they were exposed to such poverty and apparent lack of resources. The challenges farmers face in Labrande is largely due to a lack of topsoil. One of the large hurricanes in the early 2000s washed away much of the mountainside's fertile soil. The "mud," which all collected in the city of Gonaives, was dumped into the sea rather than trucked back up the mountain. Farming has been less productive ever since. After the walk, they enjoyed a nice dinner (mac and cheese and goat) and actually practiced some of the songs and hand motions at the dinner table with Fr. Wilner -- they all shared some laughs over that production.

Camp began at 8am this morning with opening songs (pictured) and prayers. The theme for the week is taken from scripture, John 14:6 -- "I am the way and the truth and the life." Our mission team, thanks to their great song arsenal taught to them by Lisa Scata and Kelly Polk from Nativity's Children's Ministry, jumped right in. They taught "This Little Light of Mine" with hand motions and all! The camp is being run by teachers from St. Anne's parochial school, Christ the King, and some camp counselors from outside the community. They are teaching catechism lessons, doing activities and games, and singing songs in both English and Creole. Jeanette is learning the Haitian Creole version of "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" (pictured). Mitch played some soccer in the afternoon with some of the older boys.

It was another great day for our team in Labrande -- please share your words of encouragement with the team, just click 'comments' below.

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