Sunday, July 1, 2012

trip update - off to a great start

The team settled in nicely at St. Anne's last night. They were greeted by Donal, a seminarian from Gonaives, upon arriving at the rectory. He is staying with Fr. Wilner for a few months. They enjoyed a delicious and relaxing dinner (that's a quote) last night, and took a walk with Donal through Labrande after the meal. The team also brought some gifts for Fr. Wilner for the church: some vestments, altar linens, and an incense thurible. He's pictured here holding his new goodies and sporting his brand new NativityMissions tee!

Everyone slept well despite the heat and humidity, and all were up early, 5:30am!, this morning getting ready for Mass. JJ Beers (pictured) has been interacting a lot with the community, especially those working and living at the rectory. JJ and some other team members have been taking Creole lessons over the past few weeks in preparation for the trip -- Haitian Creole and French are the national languages of Haiti. Their Creole phrases are going a long way with the community and helping them to make connections. Right now they're praying and worshiping at Sunday Mass at St. Anne's -- Mass is at 8am on Sunday morning, the other chapels at St. Anne's have a Communion Service led by volunteers when Fr. Wilner does not travel to their community... Their celebration will probably last about two-hours though!

Thanks for following the blog and the progress of their trip. Feel free to leave comments below if you want to send some encouragement and support to our missionaries. More to come soon!

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  1. Julie and I are very happy to see the pictures and How everything is moving along so well except for the crumbling road. After the storm we just experienced I think Haiti may be in better condition than Baltimore, at least electricity wise. Can't wait to see more of your experiences