Sunday, July 1, 2012

trip update - sunday

Today's activities started with Sunday Mass at St. Anne's (inside of the church pictured, left). Ellen noted how welcoming the congregation was and that the team felt right at home when Fr. Wilner prayed for Nativity during the liturgy. The Mass was packed and lasted about an hour and a half. The music was beautiful and featured a guitar, keyboard, saxophone and flute. Fr. Wilner preached about the universality of the Church and the common teaching of Jesus that the Church shares.

After Mass at St. Anne's, Fr. Wilner and the team traveled down the road about twenty minutes to Dubedou. St. Anne's has three mission chapels affiliated with the main parish. Congregations meet in strategic locations all across Haiti called chapels, and each chapel is assigned to a main parish. Fr. Wilner, because Dubedou is so close, often visits there to celebrate Mass. The other two mission chapels are very far away and are only accessible on foot. They did not have instruments at this Mass, but the singing was beautiful. After Mass, everyone sat down and talked with the lay leaders at Dubedou (Mitch pictured with Fr. Wilner and Dubedou leaders).

Ellen is really enjoying seeing people from her trip last November. Otalynn, one girl that she became friends with, greeted her in English! Also pictured here are Mitch and JJ having an impromptu English lesson earlier this afternoon with some of the teens.


  1. Jeanette, It is great to see your smiling face. I am so excited for you. You are in my prayers.

  2. Jeanette (JC)- so happy to see your smiling face in these pictures. I am praying for you and the others that have joined you from MD for this trip. What a great opportunity. (JB)