Tuesday, July 3, 2012

trip update - text from mitch

Just got this text message from Mitch Crook, one of our travel team members.
All is well here. Goat at every meal. All four of us have a tiny stomach thing going on and we are all blaming different foods (ice, juice, a milky dessert, veggies) so we don't know what to avoid. Children are beautiful and really like that we are here. Three guys hang out with us every afternoon. They are learning some English and we are learning some Creole, which is similar to French. It is hot as Haiti here (new joke). Sleeping is difficult due to the heat but we are taking short naps. Everyone's spirits are high and we are having a memorable trip -- really enjoying each other's company -- great esprit de corps. We wish we could do more for the people of Haiti -- poor on the outside, beautiful on the inside.

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