Thursday, July 5, 2012

trip update - thursday

Today was another great day at summer camp. The camp's counselors are called animators; the young men who are animating the St. Anne's Church camp are part of a program where young adults go around to different parts of Haiti running summer camps for parish schools, teaching catechism classes, leading them in songs and dances, and encouraging the young children. The counselors have been amazing and the team is really bonding with them. Jeanette spoke with Anne Carine, one of the counselors, and Donald, the seminarian, this afternoon sharing some of the Christian music she has on her phone. She explained that the songs were some of the ones that we sing at Mass at Nativity -- they thought the contemporary music as great and wrote down the names of the songs.

JJ jumped right into a team-version of a game of "rock paper scissor." She's pictured here consulting with her teammates, trying to come up with a strategic next move. Also pictured is Mitch with Jean Rouvens, one of the older boys who has been coming to camp and hanging out with our team in the afternoons -- he also helps out a lot around the church. They're standing in front of a sign that says "Saint Michael" -- each of the groups of campers are named after a saint. Mitch has also been playing soccer with the boys all week. English and Creole lessons have taken up a big part of the team's afternoons, sharing and learning one another's language goes a long way in forming a strong connection between our two church communities.
In the afternoon today, our team walked with some of the campers on the road back to their homes. The path winds back and forth through the valley (pictured) that Labrande sits in -- some kids walk three and four hours to and from school each day. The walk is incredibly challenging and it's very moving to see the kids making this trek everyday.

The team went to Mass tonight at 5pm (different from the usual 6:30am Mass) and are resting before dinner. It's amazing that tomorrow is the last day of camp and that their trip is almost over. An on going thanks to all of you for following their progress and keeping them in your prayers. I know we're all looking forward to seeing all the pictures and hearing all the stories.

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