Tuesday, July 3, 2012

trip update - tuesday

Today was another great day at camp for our C2 - Haiti missionaries. The children and teens at the camp are getting very comfortable around the team -- Ellen is pictured here with one of the older girls, Otalynn, whom she met back in November. Frisnell Denis, the teacher Chris Wright so strongly connected with on that same November trip gave the team a letter today to take back to Chris. The exchange was emotional for both Ellen and Frisnell. (It's so great to see the relationships and connections being formed and growing between our two communities!)

In the afternoon, the campers did crafts. The older girls embroidered a flower, the little ones colored, sharing colored pencils and crayons, and the boys made envelops out of paper. God was at work again through our team's preparation. One of the counselors showed Jeanette a song out of an English songbook that he hoped our team could lead for the camp... It was "Lean on Me," one of the songs they already knew and had practiced hand motions to.

Thanks again for all your support and prayers for the team. You are invited to leave comments below (just click 'comments') to leave some encouragement -- they have been able to read the blog from Haiti and are receiving your notes.

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  1. Reading every day, Ellen. It's good to be able to "see" what is the mission trip and get sense of your time there. Be safe and be well with open eyes and hearts.....