Monday, September 10, 2012

say that again...

I just learned that, the host of Nativity's website, had been hacked and that as a result, our site, e-mail, and millions of other GoDaddy users are temporarily down. This is a big problem for all of their customers, and to my amazement @GoDaddy is regularly tweeting updates on their progress. They are reporting to all their followers up-to-the-second information as they work to remedy the problem. What a timely illustration for a discussion about communication in leadership...

Consistent communication is crucial.

At a planning meeting this spring I identified "communication" as a top priority for NativityMissions in the coming year. I thought and still think that we can do a better job letting our church community know what's going on in Missions, what opportunities are coming up, what good our projects are doing, etc. A member of the leadership team said that I might as well write that in stone because it will always be a priority for anyone in leadership anywhere.

Vision is one of the most important things to be consistently communicating. A clear picture of the end result of an event, program, or ongoing activity keeps the team and all the details aligned and headed towards the correct destination. NativityMissions vision statement is "Making church matter by influencing our world for Christ." I think that our vision will become more clear over time, but I hope that at least for now we're communicating it consistently. Currently, as we launch some brand new local Missions initiatives, vision and word pictures of the end results are what we need to be communicating consistently. When that is done well, all the details, service opportunities, and website forms will fall into their proper place.

Although I understand this as an important concept, I struggle with it. I think that I struggle one-on-one to consistently communicate my honest thoughts if I think we're not on the same page. I struggle as a listener as well and have gotten feedback before that I seem more interested in what I have to say than in what others are saying to me. I also sometimes realize that others are not hearing what I think I am saying -- I tend to make sense in my own head but struggle to clearly articulate complete thoughts. All of these communications problems will be exacerbated without consistency though. If there are any discrepancies, consistent communication will allow the issues to surface and be resolved quickly.

What do you need to be communicating to your team?
What communication do you want to receive from NativityMissions?
What have you learned about how to communicate effectively/consistently?

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