Sunday, June 30, 2013

C2 - Haiti: Trip Update

It was a great first day in Haiti for our C2 - Haiti missionaries! After almost nineteen hours of travel yesterday, they settled into their home for the week with Fr. Wilner. The team feasted on a great goat dinner and a champagne toast! The team slept well and are glad that the weather hasn't been too hot so far.

The team attended Mass in the morning, which lasted about two hours. Fr. Wilner preached

Saturday, June 29, 2013

C2 - Haiti: Trip Update

The team is on the road to Labrande! After a flight delay in the morning caused the team to miss their connecting flight to Port-au-Prince, they boarded another one a few hours later and are now on the ground in Haiti. The travel team of Bruce, Kelly, Martha and Sharon left from Nativity at 4:10am today, and depending on traffic they will pull in to St. Anne's around 8:30 tonight. Taking a road that runs along the coast, they will travel through Saint Marc and Gonaives before leaving the main road and heading towards Labrande. What a long first day! Pray for our team's strength as they will be up early tomorrow morning for Sunday Mass. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

C2 - Haiti

In less than a week (very early next Saturday morning),  this summer's C 2 - Haiti Team will be off to Labrande, Haiti. The name for our strategic partnership with St. Anne's Church is C 2 - Haiti ("c" squared) because it's about a church-to-church relationship. When our churches come together, we can grow exponentially. This summer's travel team, led by Bruce McEntee with Martha Craig, Sharon Crook, and Kelly Dohony, are going to make a huge impact on our