Sunday, June 30, 2013

C2 - Haiti: Trip Update

It was a great first day in Haiti for our C2 - Haiti missionaries! After almost nineteen hours of travel yesterday, they settled into their home for the week with Fr. Wilner. The team feasted on a great goat dinner and a champagne toast! The team slept well and are glad that the weather hasn't been too hot so far.

The team attended Mass in the morning, which lasted about two hours. Fr. Wilner preached
about God's family, how we are all God's children and all one in Christ. He also mentioned Nativity a few times in his homily. The music at Mass was overwhelming. With all of the parishioners singing, almost 50 members in the choir, a keyboard, saxophone, and drums, the place was really hopping! It was also Fathers' Day in Haiti today, so Bruce accompanied all the other fathers on the altar for a special blessing.

At the end of Mass, Fr. Wilner invited our whole team to speak and introduce themselves. They all spoke a few words in English and Fr. Wilner translated to Creole for the rest of the congregation. Each missionary got a round of applause. The team hung around church for a while, and were welcomed graciously by many, many parishioners. They took lots of pictures and exchanged introductions with the community members.

After a good breakfast of eggs and fruit, they spent some time resting and adjusting to Labrande. There weren't any activities planned for the afternoon, so the team took the time to prepare for the first day of camp tomorrow: practicing their Creole phrases and English songs.

Despite the challenges that the first day offered, everyone is in great spirits, excited for camp to begin tomorrow! As always, you're invited to leave comments here on the blog so that we can pass along your encouragement and support to the team members. Keep praying for our team. And check back for more updates soon!


  1. May God keep blessing your team and the community. I'll saying my special prayers for the children attending the camp. Wishing you all good health during the trip and just enjoy the whole experience - food, weather, and all!
    -Gin Gin

  2. Hi Guys, Glad you made it safely. Know that there were some difficulties but all is now well. Aren't the people unbelievable! They are all so welcoming and beautiful. And, the music at mass is one of its kind. Such mystical sounds coming from the congregation. I remember that so well. Also glad that the weather has not been unbearable for you. Tell Father Wilner, and staff, allo zanmi' m.
    Have a great Monday. I know you will love the children, animators and camp staff. I am truly with you in spirit. Will be following the blog.
    Hugs and Bon appetite, JJ

  3. Aren't the children so wonderful? I am sure they rushed up to you when the gate swung open and they were so happy that you were there!!! I can't wait to hear about your first day at camp.
    Please know that our prayers are with you - everyone at Nativity is asking how you 4 are doing.
    (O's swept the Yankees over the weekend - that's always appropriate news to share)...

  4. I will keep you all in my prayers today as you begin your camp adventures. The smiling faces of those beautiful children and their joyful singing will forever be in my heart. Enjoy every minute! Love, Jeanette

  5. I can't wait to hear about your first day of camp! I know the kids were probably as excited as you were! The energy, the songs, and the smiles of the children are so uplifting. We are holding you and the children, the teachers and Fr. Wilner close to our hearts. Love, Ellen