Sunday, June 23, 2013

C2 - Haiti

In less than a week (very early next Saturday morning),  this summer's C 2 - Haiti Team will be off to Labrande, Haiti. The name for our strategic partnership with St. Anne's Church is C 2 - Haiti ("c" squared) because it's about a church-to-church relationship. When our churches come together, we can grow exponentially. This summer's travel team, led by Bruce McEntee with Martha Craig, Sharon Crook, and Kelly Dohony, are going to make a huge impact on our
partnership by sharing their love with all those at St. Anne's Church. They will be participating in a week-long summer vacation Bible camp. The camp is run by teachers from the school and 'animators' who are college students that travel around hosting camps at different parishes. You won't want to miss any of their stories here on the blog -- be sure to check back in on their progress and get updates from the trip. Feel free to leave comments and notes here to support and encourage the team members, and subscribe to the blog or like us on Facebook to make it easy to follow along.

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  1. You all will be in my every thought and prayer! Give my love to Father Wilner and all the parishioners of St. Anne's.