Monday, July 1, 2013

C2 - Haiti: Home Team Reflection

In addition to all the updates we'll be sharing from our missionaries in Haiti this week, we will also get the opportunity to hear reflections from the members of the Home Team as well. A lot of work goes into preparation for the week-long experience at St. Anne's Church; the Travel Team and Home Team have been meeting together weekly since early April. The Home Team's support with logistics, encouragement, and prayer is instrumental in a successful trip experience. Today's reflection is from Nancy Galligan, this year's Home Team Leader:

It seems like only yesterday the  C2 - Haiti Missions Team 2013 was meeting for the first time.  All the weeks of preparation seemed to fly past and suddenly it was time to go.  The travel team leader, Bruce McEntee, is so committed and so ready for this journey.  His leadership and heart for this mission has been invaluable to me as I began my role as Home Team leader and to our team.  Bruce, Sharon, Martha and Kelly arrived Saturday evening at St. Anne’s.  It was a long day of flight delays, missed connections and rescheduling.
Sunday they were all up early for Mass at St. Anne’s with Fr. Wilner and the community.  I am sure it was a wonderful celebration and a great way to begin the week. The mission is a “ministry of presence” and what better way to start than to celebrate being the Body of Christ together.  I know each team member will be changed forever by the gift of this experience.  Their hearts will be filled with love for the children and all the people of St. Anne’s.  I am so thankful for the experience of getting to know them and help them prepare for this trip.  I can’t wait to listen to all their stories.

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