Wednesday, July 3, 2013

C2 - Haiti: Trip Update

Our missionaries are having a great week. It's amazing to think that their trip is at the halfway point!

The theme for the Bible camp at St. Anne's this week is "You are the Light of the World" from Matthew 5:14. All the activities and crafts that the campers are doing and our team is helping out with are based on this verse. One of the animators is back from last year and she has passed along her greetings to last year's team. It's awesome to see deepening relationships develop between our two communities: it's all about relationships!

Kelly wrote in a note back home how much she's enjoying the children at camp, "At one time, I had seven little girls on my arm as I was walking around the area. They also really like my long fingernails, and they scratch each other with them." Kelly has also connected closely with one of
the camp animators.

Today was another great day at camp. The weather continues to be hot but bearable. Yesterday, the team walked home with a lot of the campers. It's very difficult to see how so many small children are walking miles, sometimes the trek can be as long as four hours, to and from school each day.

Keep praying for our team, and check back later tonight for a reflection from one of the Home Team members!

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