Friday, July 5, 2013

C2 - Haiti: Trip Update

The Fourth of July celebrations continued last night for our missionaries. They had a meal of chicken, corn, rice, and mashed potatoes -- an American meal. Fr. Wilner and the team sang Happy Birthday for our country at dinner and enjoyed a celebratory toast as well. We're so grateful to Pere Wilner, all the parishioners at St. Anne's, and the whole community of Labrande for being such wonderful hosts to our mission teams and such great partners to work alongside.

Today was the last day of camp at St. Anne's Church. The morning started with the usual rally, and today Fr. Wilner and Unsie, the seminarian, got up with the animators to dance! The team
had a great last day -- because of his height, Bruce was charged with helping to hang up many of the crafts from the week for the final day's festivities. The camp ended with Mass at 1:00pm, and the team traveled along the road with some of the children again today. They walked about thirty minutes each way to see them off and say goodbye to all their new friends.

After an incredible week in Haiti, filled with meeting new people, singing and dancing at camp, lots of laughs hashing out Creole and English, praying at Mass, and so much more, our team will prepare to travel home tomorrow. Thank you to all of you who have followed along this week and have shown your support. As you know, the team had some challenges on their travel to Labrande, so please pray for traveling mercies and for their safety all day tomorrow.

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