Thursday, July 4, 2013

C2 - Haiti: Trip Update

Happy Fourth of July from Labrande! Breakfast this morning was goat, soup, boiled potatoes, peanut butter and bread. In Haiti, breakfast and lunch are larger meals while dinner is light (and many Haitians only eat two meals). Often a hot soup is served to help with the heat of the day. The team got up with the animators during the morning rally, singing and dancing in front of the whole camp. The children absolutely loved it!

As some of the reflections indicated, each team member has really found a niche in the camp's daily activities. Bruce has spent a lot of time with the boys and was helping them with crafts
yesterday, making little sandals from paper. The lead animator, Roman, was the camp's leader last year and has connected a lot with Bruce as well. Sharon has spent a lot of the time with the youngest girls -- she's also a Kidzone minister on weekends at Nativity -- and has spent a lot of time helping them with their activities and cuddling and calming the littlest ones when they get upset.

Martha and Kelly have been hanging out with the elementary school age, older girls, and the women animators as well. All the girl campers continue to be fascinated with Kelly's hair, and they can't spend enough time near her. Martha has spent time in the classrooms, helping with activities and crafts. She has really connected with Anne Corine, a college-aged animator, and Michel, the St. Anne's school principal.

The highlight of the week was a three-hour English/Creole lesson last night. Fr. Wilner, the team, the animators, and Unsie (a seminarian assigned to Labrande for the year) spent the evening on the porch of the rectory taking turns teaching one another. The team had tons of fun teaching English and learning Creole words and phrases -- foods, colors, animals, family names, and more. They learned a lot and laughed a lot, so much so that the fun didn't end until late in the night, and dinner wasn't served until 9:00pm.

Today's afternoon activities ended with Eucharistic Adoration in the church and Mass celebrated at 4:00pm, rather than 6:30am as usual. Keep praying for our team and checking back for updates and Home Team reflections! Our missionaries' last day at camp is tomorrow, then they will travel most of the day on Saturday, and are slated to arrive back in Washington around 10:00pm Saturday evening.

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  1. Ellen, JJ and I just had breakfast together. We prayed for you all and we fondly remembered our week this time last year. Enjoy your final full day in Labrande! May God bless you all and keep you safe in your travels back to the Nativity.