Monday, July 22, 2013

student missions: trip reflection

Here is a reflection from Jeanette Coury on last week's Student Missions trip to Nazareth Farm. Jeanette led the team of missionaries on the trip to West Virgina, and she also currently serves with Student Impact at Nativity, encouraging and connecting teens to serve in Ministry and Missions. Last summer, Jeanette traveled to our strategic partner St. Anne's Church in Haiti as well.
I was truly blessed to have the privilege of spending a week at Nazareth Farm with our teens from Nativity. We had an application and interview process back in late winter and the Holy Spirit called forth six beautiful high school students with a
heart to serve. Each one brought their own set of talents and abilities to our experience and I thank God for the opportunity to deepen my relationship with them and Eldon Golden, a Small Group leader, who made the journey alongside me as a chaperone.

We were split into different crews, and throughout the week we worked on roofing, painting, and carpentry projects on homes for people who can't afford the labor or who can't make the repairs themselves. We also performed morning and evening chores on the farm. We celebrated two Eucharistic services and we were responsible for planning and delivering a prayer service. Our teens gave up cell phones, TV, and video games and spent that time instead in relationship with each other and God. On Tuesday night we had dinner and prayer with the homeowners which allowed our teens to be in fellowship with the community they were serving.  

It was heartwarming to see the outpouring of love; witnessing our teens giving these people the dignity and respect they deserve. We prayed when we woke up, before each meal, with our homeowners on work sites and again before bed. We thanked the Lord for the many blessings we experience daily. I was proud to serve with our Nativity teens last week -- I saw God through them. 

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  1. Jeanette and Crew,
    Sounds like you all had a very spiritual, physical and emotional experience and growth. You will remember this time forever.
    Loved your reflection and always amazed at how the spirit of the Lord works in us all the time.
    The rock formation is gorgeous, and I would imagine the area has its own beauty in the people you met and in the things you accomplished. Great job and very satisfying successes!
    Glad you are back home safely. J.J.