Saturday, June 28, 2014

C2 - Haiti Trip Update

Our missionaries have arrived at our strategic partner St. Anne's Church in Labrande, Haiti!

The team (led by Bruce McEntee with Jennifer Ayres, Carol Guarrieri, Constance Thorn and Erin Vernon) left from Nativity at 5:30am this morning for their first flight -- Washington-National to Fort Lauderdale -- and after a short layover landed in Port-au-Prince around 3:00pm. Fr. Effener, the pastor at St. Anne's, was at the airport to greet them and help them with their luggage.

The team split up into two vehicles and  Fr. Effener took the team to a restaurant in Port-au-Prince for a late lunch- their first meal of many with goat meat.  They practiced Creole phrases and Fr. Effener practiced English.  After lunch, the team hit the road for Labrande.  Driving up the coast through some small towns and large cities such as Saint Marc and Gonaives was an adventure, each busy as market day drew to an end with shoppers, vendors, motorbikes and more.  They were all struck by the intense, vibrant activity of the street markets.

After a 4 hour drive, the last 45 minutes on an unpaved, gravel road, the team arrived in Labrande.  They settled into the rectory and had a supper of oxtail soup and dumplings before turning in, 17 hours after leaving Nativity.  They will be up early for Sunday Mass tomorrow.

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