Tuesday, July 1, 2014

C2 - Haiti Home Team Reflection

For each NativityMissions team that travels abroad to one of our partner communities, there are also folks serving from home, helping to invest in and support those traveling. Serving on the 'Home Team' is a great way to serve in Missions without going anywhere... While our Haiti Travel Team is on the ground this week at St. Anne's Church, we'll be posting reflections on the blog from members of the Haiti Home Team.

Today's Home Team reflection is from Nancy Galligan:

I find it hard to believe that the C2 - Haiti Missions Team only met for the first time in mid April. As a team, we have come such a long ways since then. Many of us have had personal challenges that have tried us yet we have supported each other and continued to persevere through it all. I think the struggles have also brought us closer to each other, helped us to rely on one another, and become a better team. 
Our travelers, Carol, Connie, Erin and Jen along with trip leader Bruce, have really become great team. Their hearts are so open to the people and children of St. Anne’s. This week, they are the “real presence” of our Nativity community to the St. Anne’s community of Labrande. I am excited for them to meet old friends that ask about former travelers and to make new friends among the community. I am sure Bruce will be playing games, especially with the boys in the afternoon. Connie will be pouring her teacher’s heart out to every child she meets. Jen will bring her incredible energy to every activity and be follow by teen girls. Erin will enliven all she meets with her joyful spirit and probably be covered in glitter. Carol will be focusing on each child letting them know they have her full attention and affection. 
I am proud to have them representing NativityMissions and our whole Nativity community. Each is such a blessing and complements the team as a whole. I am praying that this experience will be a blessing to them as I have been blessed by getting to know each of them.

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  1. Hello to all the travel team! I have been thinking about all the fun you are experiencing at camp. I remember the joy of seeing the children on that first day. Please give my love to all the little ones, especially Marie. Remember to say BACK UP... My prayers are with you each day as you grow in your relationship with the people of St. Anne's