Wednesday, July 2, 2014

C2 - Haiti Home Team Reflection

Today's Home Team reflection is from Mitch Crook, a member of the 2012 Haiti Travel Team:

Hello from Baltimore!!! We are following your progress on the blog (checking throughout the day) and reliving our experiences through you. We are so happy that you are there, representing Church of the Nativity. Say hello to Jean Rouvens and the older group of boys for me!!!
By traveling to Labrande two years ago, I could see, hear about, and almost feel the importance of the Nativity lunch program to St. Anne’s. The teachers volunteered that many of the children would not be sent to school if they were not fed. They would stay home and help with chores, with raising younger siblings or help with whatever business activity generated at least some family income. The teachers also said that many of the children who did come to school before Nativity’s lunch program started were worn out from the traveling to school, fell asleep in class or just had no energy for studying. The program has made a major, positive impact on the students and their families.  
I was amazed, as I am sure that you have witnessed, how the children tap excess food from their bowls into the younger children’s bowls and share water from their cups also. The older children are also looking out for the younger ones – subtly sometimes, but always aware. This community, though poorer than you, the travel team probably expected, is rich in so many ways.
We indeed have a lot to learn, and cherish, from them.

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