Saturday, July 5, 2014

C2 - Haiti Home Team Reflection

Today's Home Team reflection is from Cindy Dohony: 
As I follow the mission’s blog I am in awe of the wonderful experiences you are having…The music and rich traditions of dance and celebration, the generosity and selflessness of the children, the pride in their families, church and culture. With what seems so little to us, we probably wonder how the parishioners of St. Anne and St. Joachim could live a life of such pure joy. There is no doubt with the history of Haiti, their government, extreme weather conditions, limited resources and educational system, how does this community of people persevere on a daily basis? The answer is so simple. It’s their deep faith in God, and in their family and community. They truly see the beauty in the every day, which I know most Americans wish they could understand. To me, it is what warms me the most. If any of you have children out there, you know that many times you learn more from your children then they learn from you. This is how can imagine it is with our travel team. Bruce, Connie, Erin, Jen and Carol will bring so much more home in their hearts than they ever thought imaginable. 

In the words of Father Effner: “There is a spiritual an amicable link which unites Nativity and St. Anne/St. Joachim parishes as sister churches. This is an opportunity to grow together spiritually through prayer in order to continue our established relationship and solidarity”

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