Wednesday, July 2, 2014

C2 - Haiti Travel Team Reflection

Today we're fortunate to be able to share a reflection from one of our travel team members still on the ground in Haiti: Jen Ayres. Jen's sense of calling to this year's team was apparent from the start, and the perseverance she exhibited despite many obstacles leading up to the trip demonstrated incredible strength and faith. Jen is having a great experience thus far at St. Anne's summer camp -- we'll let her share the rest:

Before coming here, I had thought that I would be drawn to the middle school age kids because of my love for our Resurrection students at Nativity, but God has called me to work with the youngest campers this week! 
On the first day of camp, I made a special friend named Wedjana. That morning, as the children came close to me to touch my skin and hair, Wedjana pulled a little white rag out of her pocket and wiped my shoes with it. I was instantly reminded of our Missions kickoff meeting in April, when Brian read John 13 to us -- Jesus washing the disciples feet. Jesus was working through this beautiful little girl to humble me and cleanse me, so that I would be ready to give these kids my all while I am here. I knew I was in the right place. 
The other small children are beautiful and amazing, too. Little Eduardo brought me a flower, and about six others followed suit. They like to play a game with me, where they point at the ceiling or wall behind me, and then laugh hysterically when I turn to see what they are pointing at -- a silly little game of "Made you look!" Wedjana is almost always by my side, along with her two friends Waldgena and Bissaydine. 
This whole experience has been truly amazing so far, much more than I ever could have imagined or hoped for. I feel so blessed to be here. 
Peace & Love 


  1. Thoughts and prayers and with you and the team! You all are doing amazing things and I love reading about your updates. Thank you for representing Church of Nativity and making so many lives better for just being there in Haiti.

  2. Cindy (home team)July 2, 2014 at 9:23 PM

    Jen, your story is heartwarming. What a wonderful, personal experience while also continuing Nativity's vision in missions. I have been praying for you and the entire travel team every day.

  3. Jen! I am so happy that you arrived safely in Haiti, and that you are already having such a rewarding and inspirational experience working with the youngest of the innocent "babies" there. Continue to let your light shine -- I know that everyone who sees and feels it will be affected in a very memorable way!
    Your friend in KSAS HR

  4. Loved your story about Wedjana, Jen! We look forward to hearing about all of our adventures. Dori