Saturday, July 5, 2014

C2 - Haiti Travel Team Reflection

This reflection is from Travel Team member Carol Guarrieri:

We've spent an entire week dancing, singing, playing games and doing arts and crafts. We walked some of the children home, and met wonderful people in the village. We attended morning mass together and shared every meal. With the daily activity around St. Anne's, it's easy to get caught up in the commotion of camp and feel you could do so much more.   

But then one afternoon, after camp ends and you're taking time to reflect, something happens. You walk to the church steps to sit and journal across from a small group of children singing in a classroom. You start feeling a little discouraged by the things you've seen, and feel helpless that you're not devoting more to the people of this amazing country. And just then, as if God willed it to happen, ten children come running out of the room screaming your name. They run and hug you on the steps, practically knocking you over. They sit next to you and grab your arms and hold your hands and look up at you with these great big smiles. They touch your face and play with your hair and prompt you to get up and dance with them. The sound of their laughs echo over the grounds of St. Anne's and suddenly any thoughts you had are washed away. In that moment you know why you're here, and that you ARE helping. 

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