Friday, July 4, 2014

C2 - Haiti Travel Team Reflection

Today's Travel Team reflection is from Connie Thorn:

The road to Labrande was preparation for us to shift our thoughts from Nativity in U.S. to the world in Haiti as we drove on what seemed like a rocky dried up river bed.

I found the children that are coming to St. Anne's camp curious, energetic and helpful. Their loving expressions instantly capture your heart and reflect God's love in every smiling face. They are happy to welcome our attention and care. I doubt that they realize they are giving us so much more than we are giving them. Our walk through their village and homes was humbling. Families were welcoming and shared sincere greetings with us.

Think of the image of a very tiny child holding the hand of an even younger brother or sister, crisply dressed, walking through the big, blue gates after walking an hour to camp with excited expectations on their faces. They form the opening circle to sing and move to the drumming. They dropped hands and invited me to join them.

These precious little people, ages 18 months to teens, are helping me to speak Creole and want to learn English words as well.

I cannot compare our lives in Baltimore with those in Haiti, but realize we are all human souls with the same needs. Being here has shown me that this experience will give us understanding that will prepare us for work we may attempt, with God's help in the future with love not fear.

Bruce, Erin, Jen, and Carol have been supportive and loving team members. Father Effener has taken excellent care to make us feel welcome and comfortable. Looking forward to our remaining days here.


  1. Beautifully told, Connie.
    -- Dori

  2. I love hearing about your experiences each day. It brings back so many vivid memories! You all have done what we hoped & prayed: deepened the relationship between Nativity & St. Anne's one song & game at a time. Please give my love to Fr. Effener, Judith, Kiki & Jean Reuben's. Blessings on the rest of your trip.